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Trusted by commercial businesses nationwide, ActivWall’s cutting-edge moving windows, walls, and doors add style, function, and versatility to any space. Explore the projects in our gallery below and contact us for more information. Our team is ready to design the perfect solution for your upcoming construction or renovation project.  

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Transform your restaurant, bar, or café with ActivWall’s customized windows, walls, and doors. Our products are engineered to elevate your business’s aesthetic appeal and enhance functionality for flexible space, convenient serving, and fresh air.

Get inspired by these restaurant design ideas from around the nation, and let us provide you with a tailored quote for your unique space.


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Create flexible learning spaces with ActivWall. If you are looking to create a dynamic learning environment that adapts to your teaching needs, or if you need more flexibility for your campus dining facility, ActivWall’s custom-moving walls and windows provide educators with the ability to reconfigure and transform spaces. Our innovative products provide design flexibility for schools, universities, and libraries.

 the images below for examples of our products in action, and contact us today to request a quote for your facility. 

Custom Gas Strut Windows with simulated divided lights for a college dining hall. ActivWall at the Durham Public Library Texas State University Dining Hall  Salina Kansas High School Horizontal Folding Door Junction City High School Folding Door with Frosted Glass Junction City High School

Designing spaces for a hotel, conference center, or events venue requires consideration of multiple factors to create a welcoming and functional space.

ActivWall custom window and door systems provide versatile and innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of the hospitality industry. From customizable designs to energy efficiency, acoustic insulation, and safety features, ActivWall products can transform any setting into a stylish and functional space for guests.

Browse our examples below to explore how ActivWall products can transform your facility into a venue that not only meets but exceeds guests’ expectations.

Courtyard by Marriott with ActivWall Folding Window Knotted Oak Special Event Venue with an ActivWall Folding Door Community Clubhouse Gas Strut Windows at Virgin Hotel Rooftop Pool at Hotel Zena Country Club in Missouri ActivWall at Cobblestone Creek Country Club Hidden Room in Norfolk ActivWall Folding Doors at the Walker Hotel Tribeca  

Create welcoming and flexible spaces for your employees and clients with ActivWall. Our operable walls, and custom window and doors create an environment that adapts to your business’s needs. 

Take a look at these projects from office complexes around the nation for design inspiration, and contact us to get a quote for your unique project.

ActivWall products add versatility to spaces in residential and senior living facilities. The operable wall units let in light, while ADA-compliant sills ensure a safe, barrier-free environment for residents and caregivers. Here are some examples of how facilities across the nation are using our custom windows, walls, and doors. 

ActivWall Wood Horizontal Folding System at Retirement Community ActivWall Folding Doors at a Senior Living Community Sliding-Stacking system at a Senior Living Community in Virginia

Elevate the functionality of your stadium, athletic complex, or sports training facility with ActivWall’s custom-designed windows, walls, and doors. The units seamlessly connect spaces for flexibility and to enhance the spectator experience.

Take a look at these projects from athletic facilities around the nation for design inspiration, and contact us to get a quote for your unique project.

Gas Strut Windows at the Press Box at Hooker Field Pool Connecting to Patio with ActivWall Folding Doors ActivWall Folding Windows at the Jeffersonville High School Tennis Complex Wood Horizontal Folding Doors at a Golf Center

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