Franklin Motors Beer Lot

Franklin Motors Beer Garden

When the owners of Franklin Motors Beer Garden and Roquette began planning designs for a new two-story beer garden with a food truck in the college town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, they knew that they wanted a pass-through window at the bar for serving guests. 

They turned to Coastal Window & Door of Wilmington to purchase a custom-built ActivWall Gas Strut Window. The unit measures 62.75″ wide by 36″ high and is finished in a red powder coat that coordinates with an eclectic mix of vintage automotive and industrial decor found throughout the venue. 

For example, they mounted the beer taps on a vintage Gulf Oil barrel just inside the window for a quirky yet functional pouring station.

Franklin Motors Beer Lot
Beer Tap at Franklin Motors

The custom-made ActivWall window opens up and out 90 degrees on gas struts to create a serving bar. The window can be closed with a push from the outside or the inside using the optional ActivWall Pull Hook. 

Carrie Brogren, founder of the Chapel Hill Carrboro Foodies, visited Franklin Motors during their soft-opening. 

She said, “It’s such a great space! Indoors, outdoors, downstairs, upstairs, sitting, standing – this place has got it all! It’s obvious that a lot of time and effort went into the layout and design. They’ve got beer, wine, cocktails, and they even plan to offer Prosecco on tap (not available just yet, but will be soon).”

Upstairs, above the ActivWall Gas Strut Window, patrons have various seating options surrounded by colorful flowers, unique industrial elements, and bistro lights. 

Roquette is a permanent food truck on-site and serves lunch and dinner. Carrie said, “We really enjoyed the food…the menu is casual but fresh and tasty. The ceviche was my favorite, but the sliders were a close second, and I like that you can mix and match flavors in sets of threes (we got cheeseburger, veggie, and fish).”

ActivWall products are custom made for commercial or residential use and can be finished in any color. Contact us today to get a quote for your unique space. 

See it in Action

Franklin Motors Beer Lot

Acknowledgments: Story by Jennifer Doss. Photos courtesy of Chapel Hill Carrboro Foodies Facebook GroupVideo footage and editing by Jennifer Doss. Special thank you to Jon Noyes and Carrie Brogren.

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