Rooftop Bar in Washington, DC

Rooftop Bar with ActivWall Windows
Designers for the rooftop bar at Elements in Washington DC chose to install an ActivWall Horizontal Folding Door and a series of ActivWall Horizontal Windows to create a versatile space for year-round enjoyment.
On days when the weather is not favorable, the thermally-broken aluminum frames, insulated glass, and sturdy seals keep out the cold for a comfortable interior space.

On pleasant days, the units can be opened up for fresh air, great views of the DC skyline, and access to the outdoor patio. The Washington Monument and the 70′ tall “Wailin’ Mailman” mural are just some of the sights guests can enjoy from this location. 

The project at Elements consists of three units. The door measures 215″ wide by 106″ high and opens in a three left – three right outswing configuration, with a low profile sill. The windows were built in two units, each with a three left – three right outswing configuration. Both window units have a raised sill and measure 66″ high. The widths of the two units are different, at 192″ and 199″ to accommodate the room’s length. All three units have a clear anodized finish and brushed chrome handles.

ActivWall products are made for commercial or residential use. For added peace of mind, they are impacted-tested for safety in hurricane zones. Contact us at the button below to learn how ActivWall can open up your space. 
ActivWall Horizontal Folding Window at a Rooftop Bar
ActivWall Horizontal Folding Window at a Rooftop Bar
ActivWall at a Rooftop Bar
Rooftop Bar with ActivWall Windows and Doors
ActivWall Horizontal Folding Door at a Rooftop Bar
ActivWall Horizontal Folding Windows at a Rooftop Bar

Story by Jennifer Doss. Photos by Alessandra Davin and Chi Udeaja. Featured Dealer: Merit Windows. Special thank you to Josh and Alessandra at Elements.

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