Gas Strut Window

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Transform your home or business with a sleek and functional ActivWall Gas Strut Window.

With its seamless integration between your indoor and outdoor spaces, this innovative serving window is designed to make entertaining easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

Insulated glass and thermally broken aluminum components allow for high energy efficiency, and every product is backed by a 10-year residential warranty or a 2-year commercial warranty.

How Does it Work?

ActivWall Gas Strut Windows feature concealed commercial grade gas struts for a sleek look. Unlock the latches and push the Gas Strut Window from the inside. The sturdy struts will take over and gently extend to create up to a 90-degree opening. 

Many customers install a countertop extending through the window to create an indoor-outdoor bar for serving.

When you are done grilling or dining outdoors, pull down the window from the outside to close, or use our optional ActivWall Pull Hook to close the pass-through window from the inside.  

Retractable Screens, manufactured by a variety of third-party companies, are also available to add on to your Gas Strut Window. We proudly display manual and motorized screen options by Genius Screens in our Showroom

If you only want to open the window a few inches for ventilation, we offer an optional Kickstand Attachment

Ask your sales representative for additional information about these and other customization features. 

Impact Tested for Peace of Mind

Brooklyn Kitchen Renovation

E1886 & E1996, a standard test method and specification for windborne debris impacts in hurricane zones. The windows outperformed Wind Zone 3 and DP 60 minimum requirements, which home inspectors and insurance providers require in many coastal regions. 

We also offer impact glass for Gas Strut Windows in these areas.

Customize Your Gas Strut Window

Choose Your System:
ActivWall products, like our Gas Strut Windows, are available in four frame systems.
Learn more about the systems. 
• Thermally-Broken Aluminum
• Aluminum
• Wood-Clad Aluminum
• Wood (interior only)

Choose Your Size: 
Each ActivWall Gas Strut Window is custom-designed for your unique space. They are available in sizes up to 8′ wide and 5′ high. Wider sizes are possible with the addition of mullions. When planning the height, consider how it will be installed to ensure proper head clearance. 

Choose Your Sill:
We offer six structural sill options for the Gas Strut Windows. Learn more about sill options.

Choose Your Glazing:
Dual-paned low-E glass comes standard on our Gas Strut Window, but many additional options are available, including tinted, frosted, and printed glass. We also offer design features like simulated divided lites (SDL) and mullions. Learn more about glazing options. 

Choose Your Finish:
ActivWall products can be customized with various finishes such as powder coat, anodized, simulated wood-grain, and wood-clad. See options for finishes

Additional Features: 
You can customize your Gas Strut Window with the following add-ons. 

Crafted with durable materials, ActivWall Gas Strut Windows are energy efficient, ensuring your space stays comfortable and energy bills remain low. Contact us today for a free quote if you want to enhance your home or business with this stylish solution.


Two of the most asked questions we hear about our ActivWall Gas Strut Windows are “How do you close it?” and “What about bugs?”

While most customers will push the window closed from the outside after grilling or dining on the patio, some customers want the ability to close the window from the inside. We offer optional pull hooks in 60″ and 36″ lengths to assist with interior closing.

As for bugs, the amount of flying insects varies significantly by time of year and geographic location. Some customers have no issues with them, while others are greatly bothered. A variety of options are available to customers. Using a ceiling fan on your porch is sufficient for areas with light bug traffic to deter flying insects. Consider an ultrasonic bug deterrent or add a retractable screen to your Gas Strut Window for areas where bugs are more prevalent. The screen model shown here is a Genius Screen in the Cascade series. You can conveniently add this model to your ActivWall order. Ask your sales rep for details.

Every single product we make is fully customized to meet our customers’ needs. Because of this, product costs are dependent on many variables, such as product finish, glass type, unit size, and shipping. Prices typically start at $3,500 (before shipping and installation). Contact us to request a quote for your unique space.

Our lead times vary throughout the year. Contact us for our current lead times and if you need a window delivered in a short turn-around, you can order select sizes through our Express Series

The width of the “rough opening” is the measurement used – from stud to stud. For the height, the measurement begins at the header and runs to the bottom of the sill channel (or the countertop if no sill is chosen). If there is currently another window in place, the inside measurements of the current window frame (not the glass) will typically work, although be sure to speak to your ActivWall sales rep about this – images of the opening may be needed to determine the correct measurements.

If you purchase your window through an authorized ActivWall Dealer, most dealers will offer installation services for an additional fee. For those who order factory-direct, you will want to find a reputable contractor or handyman with some experience installing windows to install your ActivWall Gas Strut Window. Three to four people are recommended for the process, and installation instructions are provided with every window as well as phone support from ActivWall. 

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