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Commercial Sliding Stacking System

Located in the Cathedral Commons area of Washington, DC., Matchbox is a restaurant that offers a friendly, high-energy gathering place with delicious food and drinks. When Matchbox built this location in late 2020, designers knew the importance of creating a flexible space accommodating both indoor and outdoor dining. 

They worked with Merit Windows, an authorized ActivWall Dealer serving customers in the DC Area, to source an ActivWall Sliding Stacking System for the restaurant. ActivWall’s Sliding Stacking Systems offer a unique type of functionality that sets them apart from our folding units.

Each segmented panel in the Sliding Stacking System is independent of the others, enabling the versatile doors to be used for straight or curved applications. ActivWall custom-designed and manufactured an eight-panel system for Matchbox that measures 288″ wide by 144″ high. It is top hung and has a saddle sill. 

Matchbox 369 with Sliding Stacking System

The system is built with a thermally broken aluminum frame and insulated glass, which, paired together, provide excellent energy efficiency. The system’s profile was designed with mullions that align with the existing fixed panel mullions already on the building. It has a clear anodized finish and brushed chrome hardware. Merit installed the ActivWall system and the exterior cladding that complements it. 

When open, the panels can be configured to stack in hidden compartments or in front of other fixed panels. Because all the panels operate independently, restaurant staff can decide how many panels to open each day depending on customer traffic and weather conditions. See the video above to see a demonstration of opening Matchbox’s system. 

This product is available in aluminum, wood-clad aluminum, or wood in various colors and finishes to create a custom look for your space. It is one of several products available for commercial use by ActivWall. Click below to request a quote and let ActivWall help open up your space. 

Matchbox 369 with Sliding Stacking System
Matchbox 369 with Sliding Stacking System

Acknowledgments: Story by Jennifer Doss. Photos by Rob Connelly and Michelle Nguyen. Video filmed by Rob Connelly and edited by Jennifer Doss. Featured Dealer: Merit Windows. 

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