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Transform your home or business with ActivWall’s moving walls, windows, and doors. Proudly made in the USA, our innovative products can be used independently or combined to elevate the style and functionality of your unique space. 

ActivWall Gas Strut Window

Gas Strut Window

Max. 8' x 5'

ActivWall Gas Strut Window


Max. 40' x 12'

ActivWall French Door


Max. 8' x 12'

ActivWall Pivot Door


Max. 6' x 10'

Explore Design Options

Our designers will work with you to help you achieve the perfect look. Each of our products can be fully customized and tailored with your choice of system, glass, sill, and color to meet your design aesthetic. A variety of add-on features are also offered to take your project to the next level.


Each custom window, wall, and door by ActivWall can be designed with your choice of frame system.Choose from thermally and non-thermally broken aluminum, aluminum wood clad, or wood.

Thermally Broken Aluminum (standard):

Our thermally broken aluminum frame components provide strength, durability, and flexibility for unique design possibilities. Each unit gets commercial-grade quality aluminum, even in residential settings. This standard system features thermal breaks for maximum energy efficiency. See our options for aluminum finishes.

Our aluminum system offers the same high-quality frame material as our standard system but without thermal breaks. This option is best suited for interior room dividers or other environments that don’t require climate control or insulation. See our options for aluminum finishes.

Wood-Clad Aluminum:
This system combines the warmth and beauty of wood on the interior with the strength and low maintenance of thermally broken aluminum on the exterior. Combining various wood species on the inside with aluminum finishes on the outside makes design possibilities virtually limitless. The modified aluminum profile accepts a snap-in wood component that can be painted or stained according to the customer’s preference. See our options for aluminum finishes and wood species.

The ActivWall wood system (for interior applications only) uses real hardwood and softwood profiles, not veneered wood. It features precisely engineered stiles and rails for stability, along with an aluminum spline system and adjustable hinges for added strength. Carefully selected solid wood materials on the outside are combined with an engineered core to form a highly stable system that resists wood’s natural tendency to expand, contract, and warp. See our options for wood species


Powder Coat:
Discover a range of durable and eco-friendly powder coat finishes, available in a selection of vibrant color choices to meet your needs, and we can find and/or match just about any color for an additional fee.

Wood Grain Powder Coat:  Get the warm look of wood applied to your low-maintenance and durable aluminum system. Wood grain powder coat finishes by Decoral are now available.

Dual-Tone Finishes: Mix and match your favorite finishes on the interior and exterior of your unit to create a truly custom look.  

Poolside Finishes: If your unit will be near a swimming pool, ask your sales rep about adding a protective poolside finish. This consists of a corrosion protective primer as a base coat and an opaque weather resistant topcoat.  It is used to achieve excellent corrosion resistance in harsh environments and is recommended for anyone near pool water due to harsh qualities in the air.

 Anodized Finishes:

This option increases the durability and longevity of the units by making them more resistant to corrosion and wear. Anodized finishes are primarily used in commercial applications and provide an attractive and uniform appearance to match different architectural styles.

Wood Selection

Wood is a naturally excellent insulator, which makes it a highly energy-efficient material when combined with other elements, such as insulated glass. Additionally, wood possesses inherent attributes such as distinct grain color and knot variations that add character to its appearance. When selecting wood species for use in doors and windows, it is essential to consider these natural characteristics carefully, as they can influence the overall aesthetic of the finished product. 

Questions to consider include whether the wood will be used for interior or exterior purposes and whether it will be painted, stained, or left in its natural state. 

Standard Wood Species:
The following wood species are available as standard options for all wood and wood-clad systems.  

Premium Wood Species: 
These selected wood species represent the best of readily available exterior and furniture-grade wood options that are favored by craftsmen for their strength and durability or unique visual characteristics. Premium wood options are quoted directly, but are subject to change based on market price and availability, or limited quantities held in stock. We update this list periodically to reflect our current understanding of market conditions. 

Special Requests & Exotics:
A variety of exotic and specialty wood species are available upon request and are quoted on an individual basis, subject to market price and availability. Options may include tropical hardwoods such as Teak or Ipe or character options like Ambrosia Maple or Knotty Pine. Many domestic wood species can also be quoted, such as Birch, Hickory, or Red Cedar. Other considerations, such as graded quarter-sawn or rift-sawn lumber, may be subject to significant added costs and must also be quoted on an individual basis.   

Structural Sills

A variety of structural sills are available for each type of ActivWall product. Use the guide and images below to select the best option for your project. 

Key: Gas Strut Window (GS), Folding Door (FD), Folding Window (FW), Pivot Door (PD), French Door (FR) Sliding Stacking (SS), 


+ Highest structural performance
+ Commercial air and water rated
+ Interior and exterior applications
+ Controlled water exfiltration

Out-swing configurations only

Raised/Saddle Sill ActivWall Raised-Saddle Sill


+ High structural performance
+ Air and water resistant
+ Product and configuration flexibility
+ Interior and exterior applications
+ Controlled water exfiltration

Saddle Sill ActivWall Saddle Sill


+ High structural performance
+ Product and configuration flexibility
+ Interior and exterior applications
+ Controlled water exfiltration

Less air and water resistant

Flush Sill ActivWall Flush Sill


+ Product and configuration flexibility

For interior applications
Lowest air and water performance

U-Channel Sill


+ Product and configuration flexibility

For interior applications only
No controlled water exfiltration

Low Profile Sill Low Profile Sill


+ Allows for a smooth surface underneath the window

Offers no protection from moisture or temperature
For interior applications

No Sill ActivWall No Sill

Glazing Options

At ActivWall, glazing options are practically limitless. Our relationship with several vendors allows us to offer many different types of monolithic and insulated glass.

  • Single Tempered Safety Glass
  • Various Types of Low-E Insulated Safety Glass with Argon
  • Tinted, Opaque, and Pattern Glass
  • Endless Glazing Options Including Solid Panels, Metal Screens, or Slats
  • Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)
  • Grid Between Glass (GBG)
  • Custom Printed Designs 
  • Warm Edge Glass

Additional Features

Various add-on options are available for each of our products. Here are just a few examples:

  • Mullions
  • Open Corners
  • Integrated Panic Hardware
  • Fixed Panel Integrations
  • Floor Mounted Systems

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