Center Club, Baltimore MD

This horizontal folding door was installed into Center Club in the Transamerica Tower in Baltimore, Maryland. ActivWall provided a solution to open up space between the ballroom and the lobby.

The 16th floor view overlooks Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

This center-folding, wooden door is painted to match the aesthetic of the room and provide consistency between the rooms.

The panic hardware meets the club’s requirements and allows for a functional and beautiful space.

New York Restaurant Wall and Window

This horizontal folding wall and window open up this Buffalo, New York restaurant.

Our 72″ by 102″ folding window lets the restaurant easily serve drinks without the customer going inside, or the staff going outside. 

This 96″ by 144″ folding wall allows customers and staff to freely go between the indoor and outdoor seating area. 

 In the harsh winter months, this restaurant will hold its warmth, with our energy efficient, thermally broken aluminum components.