AL62-GS Gas Strut Window

Open up your space with the ActivWall Gas Strut Window. This innovative product features gas struts that allow the window to open up and out 90 degrees. The single panel window offers unobstructed visibility and can be utilized in both residential or commercial settings and interior or exterior.

Insulated glass and thermally broken aluminum components allow for high energy efficiency. 

Every single product we make is fully customized to meet our customers’ needs. Because of this, product costs are dependent on many variables, such as product type, glass type, unit size, and shipping. Contact us to receive a quote for your unique space. 

Impact Tested for Peace of Mind

ActivWall Gas Strut Windows passed ASTM E1886 & E1996, a standard test method and specification for windborne debris impacts in hurricane zones. The windows outperformed Wind Zone 3 and DP 60 minimum requirements which home inspectors and insurance providers require in many coastal regions. 


Coastal Landscape

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The ActivWall Gas Strut Window adds “wow factor” to spaces, as seen in these publications.  

Product Overview

ActivWall products feature impact-resistant glass, energy-efficient aluminum frames, sturdy hardware, and a ten-year residential warranty.

  • Complete 90 Degree Opening
  • Single Piece of Glass
  • Residential or Commercial
  • Interior or Exterior
  • Thermally Broken Aluminum
  • Multiple Sill Options 

Available Options

  • Multi-Gas Strut Configuration
  • Fixed Panels
  • Simulated Divided Lites
  • Custom Color Options
  • Coastal Powder-Coat Finish
  • Pull Hook for Closing
  • Kick Stand (for partial opening capability)
  • Nailing Flange (for new construction installation)

Frequently Asked Questions

ActivWall Gas Strut windows can be closed with the purchase of our optional pull hook. As shown in this video demonstration, the pull hook provides an easy way to close the window from inside the building. Our Gas Strut windows can also be closed manually without a pull hook.

We do not manufacture any screens ourselves, but we can recommend a custom screen company that can help you. For Gas Strut windows, customers often get screens that roll up and down, or screens that are removable and can snap into the opening.

Every single product we make is fully customized to meet our customers’ needs. Because of this, product costs are dependent on many variables, such as product finish, glass type, unit size, and shipping. Prices typically start at $3,500 (before shipping and installation). Contact us to request a quote for your unique space.

The width of the “opening” is the measurement used – from stud to stud. For the height, the measurement begins at the header and runs to the bottom of the sill channel (or the countertop if no sill is chosen). If there is currently another window in place, the inside measurements of the current window frame (not the glass) will typically work, although be sure to speak to your ActivWall sales person about this – images of the opening may be needed to determine the correct measurements. 

Most homeowners will want to find a reputable contractor or handyman with some experience installing windows to install their ActivWall Gas Strut Window. Three people are recommended for the process, and installation instructions are provided with every window as well as phone support from ActivWall.

We offer three options for the bottom of our gas strut window:

  • Raised Sill – offers maximum temperature and moisture protection and is recommended for unprotected openings and in hot/cold climates. *requires embedding of the sill frame (see image below)
  • Saddle Sill – offers reduced protection but is a compromise between the raised sill and no sill options. *requires embedding of the sill frame (see image below)
  • No Sill – offers no additional protection from moisture and temperature, but allows for a smooth surface underneath the window. 

Sill Options


+ Highest structural performance
+ Commercial air and water rated
+ Recommended for exterior applications
+ Controlled water exfiltration

Raised Saddle sill for horizontal folding


+ High structural performance
+ Air and water resistant
+ Product and configuration flexibility
+ Interior and exterior applications
+ Controlled water exfiltration

saddle sill for horizontal folding

No Sill

gas strut window no sill

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