Gas strut window

Complete 90 degree
awning window.

Gas Strut Windows have a single piece of glass for an unobstructed view. The gas struts allow the window to open up and out 90 degrees. These windows can be utilized in both residential or commercial settings, as well as interior or exterior. Insulated glass and thermally broken aluminum components allow for high energy efficiency. 

Multiple Gas Strut Window configurations are available. Custom sizes, glass, and multiple sill options are also available along with SDL (simulated divided lites or grilles).

gas strut window mother serving children

The perfect serving window for moms and dads, or waiters and waitresses.

gas strut window kitchen

Available in 
multiple unit configurations.

Prices typically start at $3500

(before shipping and installation)

Product Overview:

  • Complete 90 Degree Opening
  • Single Piece of Glass
  • Residential or Commercial
  • Interior or Exterior
  • Thermally Broken Aluminum

Available Options:

  • Multi-Gas Strut Configuration
  • Fixed Panels
  • Simulated Divided Lites
  • Custom Color Options

"How do you close it?"

ActivWall Gas Strut windows can be closed by the use of our pull hook option. 

As shown here, the pull hook provides an easy way to close the window from inside the building.

Our Gas Strut windows can also be closed manually without a pull hook.

Nailing Flange (for new construction opening installation)

"Kick Stand" (partial opening capability)

Sill Options


Raised Saddle sill for horizontal folding

+ Highest structural performance
+ Commercial air and water rated
+ Recommended for exterior applications
+ Controlled water exfiltration



saddle sill for horizontal folding

+ High structural performance
+ Air and water resistant
+ Product and configuration flexibility
+ Interior and exterior applications
+ Controlled water exfiltration

No Sill

gas strut window no sill

To View and/or Download our Gas-Strut Window Data Sheet – CLICK HERE

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