Barn Conversion with ActivWall

Barn Conversion with ActivWall

ActivWall products are perfect for all styles of homes, including barndominiums. This barn in the mountains of Virginia was converted into a modern living area, perfect for hosting guests.

The property owners renovated the space and added a three-panel ActivWall folding door that opens up the main room. The wood-clad aluminum door measures 107″ wide by 87″ high and the exterior is finished in a brown powder coat that was color-matched to the structure’s existing windows.

The interior of the door has a unique pine finish that complements the room and also matches the windows. The insulated glass panels allow for light to fill the entire room, brightening the space.

This particular unit is floor-mounted. When there is not enough structural support in a building’s header to install a top-hung system, we can build floor-mounted systems which support 90% of the unit’s weight at the base.

The ActivWall folding door can be used as a single panel swing door for daily use or it can open up full width to enhance traffic flow when hosting guests. 

Barn Conversion with ActivWall
Barn Conversion with ActivWall
Barndominium with ActivWall Folding Door

Story by ActivWall Staff. Photos by John Taylor Pannill of JTP Adventure Photo.

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