ActivWall Featured on French News Program

ActivWall staff are shown filming a TikTok to promote one of their custom window products, the Gas Strut Window. 

ActivWall Systems, a custom window and door manufacturer in Martinsville, Virginia, was recently highlighted on the French news program “Good Morning Business.” The program aired on BFM Business throughout France and featured a news segment about the social media app TikTok and its impact on businesses in the United States, like ActivWall.

ActivWall has been using TikTok as part of its digital marketing strategy since October 2021 and was recognized for effective marketing on the platform the following year. This month, officials at TikTok connected Antoine Heulard, an International correspondent for BFMTV, with ActivWall for the story. Heulard visited ActivWall’s showroom and production facility in Virginia to learn how the growing business uses the TikTok platform and the positive impact a well-performing video can have on leads, sales, and brand recognition.

Jennifer Doss, ActivWall’s Marketing Director, was interviewed in the story while several staff members were shown at work. Doss shared the excitement generated the first time the company’s videos went viral on TikTok and how that and subsequent viral videos have led to increased sales, new business partnerships, and expanded product lines.

In the story, Sales Representative Katie Whitlow demonstrated several ActivWall products, including a Gas Strut Window, a Bi-Fold Window, and a Pivot Door, as Doss filmed a promotional TikTok. Doss explained to Heulard that while ActivWall uses a variety of social media platforms for advertising and marketing, “TikTok has been by far the most effective and cost-efficient way for us to reach new customers.” The business currently has more than 32,600 followers on the platform, significantly more than any competitors in the industry.

Duke Ferrell, ActivWall’s President and CEO, said he has been surprised and impressed by the business growth generated through TikTok. He told Heulard that “increased employee morale has been an unexpected added benefit of the platform, as our staff members enjoy participating in TikTok videos whenever possible.”

While the future of TikTok in the United States is uncertain, both Doss and Ferrell plan for ActivWall to continue using the platform to promote its products for as long as possible.

ActivWall Systems is an American manufacturer of custom high-quality moving wall, window, and door systems that integrate the indoor and outdoor experience for commercial and residential settings. ActivWall’s innovative products are made in the USA and shipped nationwide. Follow the brand at

Katie Whitlow, a Sales Representative, speaks about the positive customer interactions she has experienced because of TikTok videos. 

DJ Spencer, an Installation Technician, adjusts the panels on an ActivWall Folding Window that is in the test wall. 

BFMTV Reporter Antoine Heulard speaks with Duke Ferrell, ActivWall’s President/CEO and Co-Founder.  

Jonah Miller, an Installation Technician, demonstrates a three-panel ActivWall Folding Door that is in the test wall. 

Cary Kirkman, Quality Control Specialist, works on prepping a piece of frame material as Heulard films. 

Antoine Heulard of BFMTV is shown at an ActivWall Gas Strut Window with Carter Ferrell (VP of Engineering and Co-Founder), Gus Ferrell (Berger Picard and ActivWall’s Pawject Engineer), and Katie Whitlow (Sales Representative).  

Article by Jennifer Doss. Behind-the-scenes photos and video by Jonah Miller, Katie Whitlow, and Jennifer Doss. Special thanks to Elena Saavedra of TikTok and Antoine Heulard of BFMTV. Video courtesy of “Good Morning Business.”