Why ActivWall?

There are four values that separate ActivWall from our competitors:
Quality, Integrity, Positivity, and Customer Experience.


We strive to have the highest quality products.


We always tell the truth and continuously work
towards improving our company.


We like each other, our products, our customers
and our community.

Customer Experience

We combine these three values to create a
customer experience perfect for you.

More About ActivWall…

ActivWall is proud to be 100% American conceived, owned, designed, and manufactured.

We take pride in our contribution to our local, national, and global economy. Our community has a history in high quality manufacturing with a national and global reach, and we hope to be a part of bringing that heritage back to life again.

We are environmentally minded and our products can be engineered to meet any level of energy efficiency required including FSC® certified products that meet LEED® design specifications.

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