Wood Systems

Horizontal and Vertical Folding, Sliding Stacking, and Fixed Systems

This custom folding kitchen window with matching fixed windows above is a perfect example of our fully customizable wood system.

Wood is an organic material, with inherent attributes including variations in grain, color and knots. These natural characteristics should be carefully considered when making wood selections and whether you prefer wood with more or less “character.”

Wood density varies widely by species, which should be taken into consideration depending upon their end use. Questions to consider include: whether the wood is being used for interior or exterior applications and whether it will be painted, stained or remain in a more natural state.

By nature wood is an excellent insulator, so it can be highly energy efficient, when combined with other materials like insulated glass. With the right wood species and product design, wood can be a great product for interior and exterior applications.

Design Flexibility

We can build just about anything you can dream up – including curved moving walls (see picture to the right).

Like many projects, the architect brought this idea to us because our competitors shy away from custom projects. ActivWall combined our proprietary motion hardware and flexible design elements with the timeless look of wood to meet this design challenge.

Panels glide around a segmented curve where they stack tightly against a side wall when the doors are open. When closed, the panels separate the dining area from the bar, which opens out to an outdoor seating area and the Atlantic ocean. We would love to hear your design ideas, no matter how unusual.

If You Can Dream It – We Can Build it!

Curved Wood ActivWall System

The Largest Selection Of Wood Species In The Industry

ActivWall maintains a ready inventory of basic wood species, including:

  • Poplar
  • Red Grandis
  • White Oak – Plain, Rift & Quarter Sawn
  • Sapele
  • Maple
  • Cyprus
  • Cherry
Click image to visit our Wood Library

Precision Engineered Wood Systems

ActivWall® wood products are manufactured from precisely engineered stiles and rails that meet AWI standards for classification as a solid wood door.

Carefully selected solid wood materials on the outside are combined with an engineered core to form a highly stable all wood component that resists wood’s natural tendency to expand, contract and warp.

Engineered wood components are laminated using a high performance, non-water based process that will not delaminate when exposed to moisture. The process even works with oily woods, including exotic species like Ipe, that is not widely available in today’s market. ActivWall’s new Ipe Wood Product is perfect for such exterior applications where the beauty of real wood is preferred. For more about ActivWall’s unique Ipe wood system click here: IPE

Stiles and rails are miter cut and mortised together for strength and then combined with ActivWall’s unique aluminum spline system. The spline system not only strengthens the door frame, but also provides the connection point of ActivWalls proprietary F3 adjustable hinges.

A large variety of wood species are available including fir, maple, oak, sapeli, cherry, beech, birch, pine, and even Ipe (mentioned previously).

For LEED® projects – and for the environmentally conscious – ActivWall proudly offers FSC® certified woods, available in a wide variety of species.

Glass Options

At ActivWall, glazing options are practically limitless. From single tempered or laminated glass, to high-performance insulated safety glass, with special tints as required by your project. ActivWall’s standard glazing options come from Cardinal IG and their facility that is located just 60 miles from ActivWall’s manufacturing operations. This relationship allows ActivWall to offer many different types of monolithic and insulated glass as standard product offerings.

  • Single Tempered Safety Glass
  • Various Types of Low-E Insulated Safety Glass w/ Argon
  • Triple Pane Insulated Glass for Colder Climates
  • Opaque and Pattern Glass