Wood-Clad Aluminum Systems

Real Wood Inside with The Low-Maintenance Of Aluminum Outside

This is a cross-section of our wood-clad aluminum design.

ActivWall has designed a wood-aluminum product that offers the warmth and beauty of wood on the interior with the strength and low maintenance of aluminum on the exterior. By combining various species of wood on the inside with a variety of aluminum finishes on the outside, design possibilities are virtually limitless.

Some wood-aluminum systems use wood as the primary structural component, while ActivWall’s wood-clad product employs thermally broken aluminum to provide the necessary strength and stability for years of service. This combination also provides a high degree of thermal performance.

As with ActivWall’s all-wood systems, FSC® certified hardwood is an option.

Seen from the exterior, ActivWall’s Wood-Clad Aluminum systems look just like an all aluminum system. In fact, the exterior profile is the same and the two systems use the same proprietary F3 motion hardware and other primary components. The difference is on the inside where you will find real wood cladding. The modified aluminum profile accepts a snap-in wood component that can be painted or stained according to the customer’s preference.

The Perfect Combination Of Beauty and Function