Gas Strut Window FAQ

Question: How Do I measure for my Gas Strut Window?

Answer: The width of the “opening” is the measurement used – from stud to stud. For the height, the measurement beings at the counter-top and runs to the overhead stud (called the header). If there is currently another window in place, the inside measurements of the current window frame (not the glass) will typically work, although be sure to speak to your ActivWall sales person about this – images of the opening may be needed to determine the correct measurements. Many openings will require a custom Gas Strut window rather than one of our standard sizes. 

Question: What are my options for the bottom of the window?

Answer: We offer three options for the bottom of our gas strut window:

A “Raised Sill” which offers maximum temperature and moisture protection and is recommended for unprotected openings and in hot/cold climates. *requires embedding of the sill frame (see image below)

A “Saddle Sill” which offers reduced protection but is a compromise between the raised sill and no sill options. *requires embedding of the sill frame (see image below)

“No Sill” which offers no additional protection from moisture and temperature, but allows for a smooth surface underneath the window. *this option requires holes to be drilled into the countertop material for the locking bolts

Question: Who will install my Gas Strut Window?

Answer: Most homeowners will want to find a reputable contractor or handyman with some experience installing windows to install their ActivWall Gas-Strut Window. 3 people are recommended for the process, and installation instructions are provided with every window as well as phone support from ActivWall.

Question: What about trim on the exterior and interior?

Answer: All trim should be left until the window is installed and working properly.

Question: How long will it take to receive my window?

Answer: Once we have your order agreement and 50% deposit – it should take between 5-8 weeks for your window to arrive.

Question: How much is shipping?

Answer: Exact shipping will be determined after you have placed your order with us and depend on the size/weight of your window and your exact shipping address. Average shipping costs are between $250 and $500