Mountain Top Gas Strut Window — Cle Elum, WA

Mountain Top Gas Strut Window

When this Washington state homeowner approached ActivWall regarding the kitchen window for their new mountain top home in Cle Elum, WA, ActivWall knew that the Gas Strut window would be perfect. This window allows the homeowners to enjoy both their interior space with uninterrupted views of the mountains as well as their deck area serving food and drink right across the countertop. 

Custom Porch Folding Doors Jackson, NJ

Custom Porch Horizontal Folding Doors
Custom Porch Horizontal Folding Doors

Custom porch with folding doors allows for a year round experience for this New Jersey homeowner.

When this Jackson, New Jersey homeowner approached ActivWall about enclosing his covered back deck for year round use, we knew a custom solution would be required. 

This custom porch with horizontal folding doors required 47 glass panels and multiple different configurations. Now the porch is completely lit up with natural light, while still being completely sealed in to keep out the heat out in the summer and cold out in the winter.

Another unique point of this custom design are the fixed panels that enclose the existing columns and create the openings for the horizontal folding units.The final product is a true custom masterpiece.

Custom Porch Folding Doors Interior
Custom Porch Folding Doors
Custom Porch Folding Doors Interior
Custom Porch Folding Doors

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Afton Mountain Barn Conversion

Afton Mountain Barn Conversion
Afton Mountain Barn Conversion

This space on Afton Mountain was converted from a barn into a modern living area, perfect for hosting guests.

The building owners utilized the space and added an aluminum horizontal folding door that opens up the main room.

The wood clad aluminum interior has a unique finish that complements the room and matches the pre-exisiting windows.

The door allows for light to fill the entire room, brightening the space.

Rural Maryland Kitchen Window

This remodeled kitchen in rural Maryland was the perfect place for this aluminum horizontal folding window.

This 44″ by 88 1/2″ window opens up the kitchen and allows our customer to view the outdoors while still working in the kitchen. 

The functionality of it allows for easily entertaining guests and serving food or drinks from the kitchen to the back sunroom.

The black walnut countertop nicely accents the bronze powder coated window.

The window opens and closes with ease.