Powder Coat Finish

Quality Powder Coat Finishes

For most applications, Powder Coatings offer a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, and durable finish that will last for years. Our portfolio of color choices will meet most customer needs, and anodized finishes are also available when needed.

Classic White is durable and matches many standard architectural and design elements.
Flat Black has minimal gloss. RGB Values = 23,22,17
Black has some sheen. RGB Values = 16,21,12
Clear Anodized
Dark Bronze Anodized matches many architectural and design elements.

Custom Finishes

We can find and/or match just about any color for an additional fee. Here are some examples. 

Red Gas Strut Window
Custom Matched Virgin Hotels Red
Hartford Green
Hartford Green by Tiger Drylac
Custom Matched Mocha Color
Tiger Drylac matched colors are available for an additional fee.

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