Athletic Facilities Gallery

Elevate the functionality of your athletic facility with ActivWall. Our custom-designed windows, walls, and doors seamlessly integrate into your athletic complex or sports training facility, to create a space of unrivaled flexibility.

Take a look at these projects from around the nation for design inspiration and contact us to get a quote for your unique project. 

Gas Strut Windows at the Press Box at Hooker Field
Gas Strut Window at the Media Center at Hooker Field

We custom-built three in-swing Gas Strut Windows for Hooker Field in Martinsville, Virginia, home of the Martinsville Mustangs baseball team.

With a smooth motion, our Gas Strut Windows swing open fully, welcoming the sights and sounds of the game for officials in the press box and media room. The inswing design makes closing easier since the press box is on the second floor of the building.  

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Wood Horizontal Folding Doors at a Golf Center
ActivWall Wood Folding Doors at Creighton Farms

ActivWall was invited to produce three unique sets of Folding Doors for The Stable, a state-of-the-art golf training center located at Creighton Farms in Virginia.

These handcrafted wooden units were designed to resemble barn doors to coordinate with the private club’s design. The 12.5″ high doors enclose heated bays that are used for golf lessons and can be opened up for indoor-outdoor all-season hitting. 

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Pool Connecting to Patio with ActivWall Folding Doors
Pool Connecting to Patio with ActivWall Folding Doors

Residents of this Virginia retirement community experience a seamless indoor-outdoor transition when they open the ActivWall Folding Doors that elegantly connect their indoor fitness pool to an outdoor patio.

This unit uses a floor-mounted system that provides optimal support, with 90% of its weight carried at the base, making it a perfect solution when structural support is limited for a top-hung system.