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Living in a tiny home requires creativity and a thoughtful approach to design in order to make the most of the limited space. ActivWall windows are an innovative solution that can help open up your living area while also enhancing the functionality and style of the home. With a variety of options available, from Gas Strut Windows to Folding Windows and Folding Doors, ActivWall products can be customized to fit the unique needs of any tiny home.

The Dogwood, a stunning 750 sq. ft. modular tiny house designed by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes of Georgia, boasts an impressive feature that sets it apart from the rest: an ActivWall Gas Strut Window. This innovative window not only adds a touch of modern elegance to the home’s aesthetic but also enhances functionality in a major way. The window opens smoothly and efficiently with a gentle push, allowing fresh air and natural light to flood the space.

It’s the perfect addition to the cozy living area, where residents can enjoy coffee and take in the view while working on their laptops. Plus, with the window open, guests on the deck can easily chat with hosts preparing meals in the kitchen. And when it’s time to wind down and relax, the thermally-broken aluminum window can be securely closed to create a cozy and comfortable space. 

The Daisy, a custom-built 337 sq. ft. tiny home crafted by Hummingbird Tiny Housing of Georgia, incorporates a three-panel ActivWall Folding Window mounted over the sink. This innovative window system seamlessly opens up the space, letting in the fresh air and natural light while also serving as a convenient pass-through window. 

A deck with a screened-in porch was added to the front of the home to maximize the living area once it was delivered to the customer’s land. Whether passing drinks to guests on the deck or simply enjoying a refreshing breeze while washing dishes, this window adds style and functionality to this beautifully designed tiny home.

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Tiny Home by Smalltimore Homes with ActivWall Gas Strut Window
Tiny Home by Smalltimore Homes with ActivWall Gas Strut Window

An ActivWall Gas Strut Window was added to a 264 sq. ft. tiny home demo unit for the Baltimore area non-profit Smalltimore Homes

Founded by LaQuida Chancey (pictured), the mission of this organization is to provide those living below the poverty level, specifically those experiencing homelessness, with micro shelter and tiny home solutions. Micro-shelters are temporary solutions, but tiny homes can be a permanent solution to the housing issue in Baltimore. 

Smalltimore Homes addresses the stigma and tolerance for people experiencing homelessness. They offer financial literacy workshops to prepare participants for tiny home ownership and teach volunteers valuable construction skills. We are honored that our product was chosen for this meaningful project.

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Tiny House with ActivWall Gas Strut Window
Tiny House with ActivWall Gas Strut Window

Experience seamless indoor-outdoor living in this charming tiny home by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes of Georgia. Featuring an ActivWall Gas Strut Window that opens up the kitchen to the outdoors, the innovative window system connects the indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a spacious and airy feel in this cozy home.

The homeowner plans to take full advantage of this feature by building an elevated deck in front of the window, where they can grill and dine with friends and family while effortlessly passing food and drinks through the window. The Gas Strut Window allows for easy flow between the kitchen and the deck, making it perfect for hosting outdoor gatherings. 

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