Commercial Folding Doors St. Joseph Country Club

Commercial Folding Doors

Commercial folding doors at St. Joseph Country Club utilizes ActivWall doors to create a custom and flexible hospitality space.

ActivWall completed these commercial folding doors in 2018 with our dealer, WestPro Construction Solutions. These doors are located at the St. Joseph Country Club in St. Joseph, Missouri. This country club was looking for a flexible solution for their almost 30 foot wide facade. 

Despite the large size, ActivWall excitedly took on this project. ActivWall designed a 10 panel, horizontal folding door that opens up the country club’s main hospitality space. At the same time, it adds an all-purpose experience. This allows for staff to easily move from the inside to the outside tables. It also allows for members to dine in the location of their choice.

In addition to its functionality, this space has a beautiful, aesthetic appeal. The dark bronze aluminum matches the original building while the door blends in seamlessly with the rest of the country club’s style.

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