High School Folding Doors Salina, KS

folding doors at a high school

Commercial high school folding doors in Salina, Kansas create a unique and functional space for students in the writing center.

We received information on these commercial high school folding doors from our Kansas dealer, WestPro Construction, in 2016. After reviewing the architect’s drawings, we determined the design concept would not work. We then worked with our dealer, who worked with the architect, to find an appropriate solution that would work.

Through collaboration with the other members on this project, ActivWall was able to design a 6 panel, floor mounted, bi-folding unit, next to 3 fixed panels, with an operable door. The concrete slab floor was not thick enough to support an ActivWall structural sill, so a low profile sill was used for the floor track. 

The dark bronze finish matches the rest of the modern aesthetic of the space. These horizontal folding doors allow students to have a unique space to hang out at. Also, the writing center is able to have a quiet space to tutor students, while not feeling closed off from the rest of the high school. 

girl in writing center at high school

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