Folding Door Center Club, Baltimore MD

Folding Door Center Club

Horizontal folding door at Center Club in the Transamerica Tower in Baltimore, Maryland opens up the main dining area. 

This horizontal folding door was installed into Center Club, inside the Transamerica Tower in Baltimore, Maryland. The club’s location is on the 16th floor, which overlooks Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The folding door partitions off the ballroom/dining area from the Center Club’s lobby, therefore allowing for a private room, or an open space. This room is used for conferences, mitzvah’s, and receptions, in addition to  many more special events.

The center-folding, wood unit is painted to match the aesthetic of the room and also provide consistency between the Center Club rooms. Besides being a beautiful space, the panic hardware in the folding door meets the club’s functionality requirements. 

Folding Door Center Club Overlook
Folding Door Center Club
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